TaegeukMinton is

It is a two-handed racquet sport that can be enjoyed easily by men, women and children.”

Keep your body balanced and healthy by working out your hands.

Taegeukminton is a national health life sport as a mixed new sport that combines the traditional Korean oxymoronic-shaped racket and western badminton in the principle of the Taegeuk movement.
Taegeukminton athletic principle is to balance left, right, right, yin and yang with basic human body rhythms.
This is a new sport that combines modern sports science with modern sports science as an exercise method that promotes harmonious physical development and stimulates the brain by preventing or minimizing sports injury that can occur from one-handed exercise.
It is a satisfying health sport that can adapt easily and quickly and have fun anytime, anywhere from children to the elderly. We hope to establish ourselves as the representative two-handed badminton sport of Korea in the future, and we look forward to your participation.
Thank you.

World TaegeukMinton Association Representative Park Ki Bum